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The Alpaca Kerosene Cooker


Operates at 1/3 the Cost of Camp Stoves!

This top selling Kerosene Heater/Cooker is ideal for weekend camping and emergency backup....just in case. Clean burning and high output. Each unit produces 8,500 BTUs of heat and will operate continuously for 16 hours when its built-in .9 gallon tank if filled. Cooking is no sweat with its integrated cooktop grille. Stove comes with 2 handy grips on either side, a to plate with stove grille, built-in fuel level indicator guage, wick heat adjustment knob, and a detatchable drip pan under heater. All metal construction. Stove is compact - measures just 14" high and 13" in diameter. Weighs only 15 lbs. One the best quality kero cooker/heaters we've ever seen. Excellent quality and value.

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