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All Heaters are UL listed.

There are a number of heaters listed here, with descriptions and some specifications.

Rugged Nickel-chrome plated steel GRILLE GUARD

Robust BURNER ASSEMBLY made of coated stainless steel

Mica VIEWING WINDOW mounted in stainless steel frame

extinguishes flame immediately if the heater is jarred or knocked over.

Easy short-twist WICK ADJUSTMENT for smooth heat control with a sure "OFF" position.


Quick PUSH-TO-START IGNITION lights the wick electrically.

Rugged nickel-chrome plated steel CARRYING HANDLE remains cool

Durable PORCELAIN ENAMEL FINISHED steel cabinet.

Steel FUEL TANK with interior zinc coating.

Steel BASE TRAY provides a rugged foundation for the entire heater.

Long-lasting GLASS WOOL WICK.

The Corona Convection Heater
Model 23-DK
Quality Construction

Corona Portable Convection Heaters are built to last and feature a rugged steel structure and durable porcelain enamel finish.

The push-to-start ignition system is battery powered and simply pressing the lever provides quick lighting of the wick.

The auto shut-off mechanism is made of steel and operates immediately if the heater is jarred or knocked over.

At the heart of the heater is the glass wool wick, which is designed for long years of service and requires a minimum of maintenance.

High-quality PAINTED steel cabinet.

Stainless steel REFLECTOR with polished finish.

BURNER provides variable heat settings.


Quick LIGHT INGNITION moves down and lights the wick simultaneously.

Easy WICK ADJUSTMENT enables proper heat adjustment.

AUTO SHUT-OFF MECHANISM extinguishes flame immediately if the heater is jarred or knocked over.

Steel BASE TRAY provides a rugged foundation for the entire heater.

Long-lasting GLASS WOOL WICK requires a minimum of maintenance.

REMOVABLE FUEL TANK lifts out for easy filling. The rugged steel tank features a built-in fuel guage.

The Corona Radiant Heater
Model SX-2E
Quality Construction

Designed for long years of service, Corona Portable Radiant Heaters are of rugged steel construction and finished in high-quality paint steel.

The nickel-chrome plated steel grille guard resists corrosion and is built to be durable. The burner is made of heat-resistant and high-quality stainless steel with an external glass chimney. Another point to note is the steel base tray which provides a rugged foundation for the entire heater.

The unique hands-off ignition mechanism reduces unpleasant odors and soot as it permits easy, smooth ignition of the wick without lifing the burner.

"All levers are set flush with the cabinet surface, proving a safe and efficient design with no protuberances."

For the Corona Convection and Radiant Heaters

Heating Output (BTU/HR.)22,80010,000
Recommended Heating Area (Sq. Ft.)800360
Fuel Tank Capacity (GALs)1.6.98
Continuous Hours of Heating (Approx.)9.513
Fuel Consumption Rate (Quarts per hour)7/10 3/10
Net Dimensions (inches)18(W) x 18 (D) x 26 (H)17 1/2(W) x 14(D) x 20 1/2 (H)
Net Weight (lbs.)2720 1/2
Outer Carton Dimensions (inches)21(W) x 18(D) x 22 1/2(H)
=4.92 CU.FT.
19(W) x 16(D) x 22 1/2 (H)
= 3.96 CU.FT.
Gross Weight (lbs.)3724 1/2
Heater Type (heat circulation)CONVECTIONRADIANT
Type of Fuel TankIntegralRemovable Cartridge

Medallion AWHR1101
This radiant heater has a handy 1-gallon, removable cartridge fuel tank for easy refilling. Its 10,600 BTUs per hour output can easily warm up a 400 square-foot space. It provides a good way to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.

Medallion AWHC-2323
This compact, lightweight and easily transportable convection heater puts out 22,800 BTUs per hour so that it can handle the really big supplemental heating jobs. It is ideal for large rooms, cathedral ceilings, poorly insulated and other hard-to-heat areas.

This heater provides the most economical way to protect against unexpected power failure.

BTU Output/Hr. 22,800 BTU
Est. Heating Area (sq. ft.)810
Fuel Capacity1.6 Gallons
Heating Hrs.
Per Filling
Siphon Pump
and Batteries Included
Box Size26.4" x 18.1" x 18.1"

Kero-World KW24C

Kero-World KW11C

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